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Autumn Scenes

A great way to incorporate falling autumn leaves into your artistic and creative moments is by using them to create a beautiful fall scene. Include physical fitness and fresh air by collecting the leaves with your elderly loved ones, or those in your care, outdoors and have them ready for crafting when you return indoors....and don't forget a nice cup of hot chocolate to go with it!


🍁 Craft or printer paper

🍁 Dry leaves collected ahead of time

🍁 Craft glue

🍁 Decorative items, such as popsicle/craft sticks, bare paper towel rolls, clay or Play-Doh, etc.

🍁 Markers or paints

🍁 Scissors

scene ideas& tips!

  • Using the paper (colourful construction paper or plain white paper), design or draw your scene. This can simply be a tree with bare branches, a house (made by gluing down popsicle sticks in a simple shape), a wide-rimmed circle to create a wreath or any outdoor scene you choose!

  • Use the decorative pieces to form the base of a tree (paper towel roll), sticks for branches, or string/rope for the edge of the wreath. Whatever you choose, ensure they are securely fastened with glue and let dry.

  • You may also paint or draw on your paper if gluing objects is too challenging.

  • Using the leaves you collected, glue them down with a couple of dots of glue on the back of the leaf. Place them in areas where leaves may be in your scene. It could be on the branches or below the tree, around the wreath design, or in a big pile outside of the house (fun for jumping into when we were kids!)

  • Let dry fully before displaying on a wall or in a frame.

  • Don't forget to sign your artwork!


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