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Best Foods for Aging Men

As we continue our June series to celebrate and honour Men's Health Month, our blog today discusses the 7 best foods for senior or aging men and why they are beneficial.

  1. Mushrooms. Mushrooms are a great way to give your favourite dishes a meatier taste – just throw them on a salad, in some chilli or grill them. Mushrooms are high in potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and offset the damaging effects of consuming too much sodium.

  2. Tart Cherries. If you experience inflammation, especially after any physical activity, tart cherries may be just the thing for you. Studies have shown that tart cherries help reduce inflammation, help boost muscle function and even lessen osteoarthritis pain. These cherries are in season from April to August, so now’s the perfect time to enjoy them!

  3. Eggs. As we age, we lose muscle mass, and eating eggs can help as they are a great source of protein. Luckily, eggs are a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes and meals! Enjoy them at breakfast, lunch or dinner and you’ll reap the benefits.

  4. Berries. Just in time for summer, berries are a great addition to your diet as numerous studies have indicated that they may reduce the risk of cancer. Perhaps the best part is that they’re so easy to add to your diet – you can either eat them as a snack or add them to hot cereals, salads or yogurt.

  5. Kefir. Not a common ingredient in many households, Kefir is simply fermented milk with probiotics and prebiotics. Kefir affects how we absorb nutrients and how our immune system functions. It may also affect how we regulate our moods. Simply drink kefir just as you would milk, add it to cereal or even use it in smoothies to have the benefits of a healthy gut.

  6. Avocados. Not just for guacamole! Avocados are a heart-healthy food that helps lower cholesterol and even inflammation levels. You can eat guacamole or easily add avocados to burgers, sandwiches, salads and tacos. You can also add them to your favourite smoothie for extra creamy texture!

  7. Beans. Beans come with some big benefits! Two of the biggest benefits are lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes, but beans also help lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Similar to avocados, beans are a great addition to tacos, burritos or salads.

A healthy diet is key to longevity and reducing the risk of certain diseases. Simply adding some of these foods to your favourite meals can go a long way in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle as you age.

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