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Pasta Christmas Wreath

Nowadays you can buy just about any shape, size, and colour dried pasta, however, did you ever think to use them as a piece of art?

Back in the day "macaroni art" or "macaroni necklaces" were all the rage in a primary classroom during the holidays, so why not put a spin on it as an adult and create your own Christmas craft!?

Searching for "pasta Christmas craft" online has rendered me speechless just by the sheer number of creative, colourful, and fun ways to use pasta for this holiday. So we decided to share one to inspire you to give pasta art a second go-around as an adult. Try it with your loved ones in assisted living, long-term care, or at home!

Pasta Christmas Wreath


  • Bow tie pasta, dry (choose a festive colour, if available)

  • 1 White paper plate

  • Hot glue gun or strong craft glue

  • Spray paint or acrylic paint and brushes (gold, green, red, or festive colours of your choice!)

  • Embellishments, such as tiny bells, glitter glue, small acorns, etc.

  • Scissors and a pencil

  • Newspaper or paper towels for clean up


If you prefer, we have also provided a slideshow of visual instructions below, but here's how easy it is!

  1. Using the paper plate, cut a circle in the center to create a ring or "wreath" base. If you wish to hang your wreath when complete, make sure to place a small hole at the top and tie it with ribbon as a reminder not to cover that area with pasta!

  2. With the glue, raw a ring around the whole opening, going around the paper plate in a circular manner

  3. Quickly place the dried pasta and secure it at the middle of the "bow-tie" and arrange it along the glue line.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until your paper plate ring is covered with pasta! You can be creative in its arrangement to make it unique to your personality or that of your loved one.

  5. Once dry, using a paintbrush and acrylic paints, brush your festive colours onto the pasta. Don't worry about getting into all of the nooks and crannies of your pasta, as it will create some depth to your 3D art.

    1. You also have the option to spray paint your wreath, however, keep in mind this must be done outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Protect yourself by wearing goggles, a mask, and clothing you don't mind getting messy!

  6. Once the paint is dry, use your glue to further decorate your wreath with your chosen embellishments and set it aside to dry.

  7. Hang or display it in an area to admire it during the holidays!

Click on our slideshow below for visual directions:

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