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Remembrance Day Resources

Every year on November 11th, we honour all of the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country nationally and internationally. In addition, a special day marked on November 8th each year has been created to honour the contributions and sacrifices Indigenous members made for our country who were often overlooked during the November 11th ceremonies.

Many of our senior clients are members of the Veteran associations who served Canada throughout their young lives. They are proud to share their stories and memories of times spent in the Canadian Armed Forces and whose families supported them as volunteers and loved ones.

We often encourage discussions and the sharing of artifacts, photos, and other memorabilia to commemorate a very important time in their lives. We do this through conversation, art gallery or museum walk-throughs, and attending and participating in activities within their home and in public spaces each November.

This year, we also wanted to add a special monthly activity booklet to share with those who may not be able to participate in activities in the same way as others, due to mobility or cognitive challenges. This special edition of our monthly activity booklet can be found by clicking the button below.

Remembrance of the contributions of our military members, volunteers, and family members does not have to take place only once a year. In fact, there are a variety of resources, activities, and organizations that provide support, funding, and ongoing projects to keep the memories first and foremost in our minds.

We have gathered the links below to organizations that may be helpful in ensuring the support and resources continue for our Veterans and their families.

Indigenous Education (Indigenous Remembrance Day)

Thank You for Your Service


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