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Resistance training and diabetes

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Daily physical activity at any age and at any health range is beneficial for proper circulation, range of motion, mobility, and cognitive benefits, such as stress and anxiety reduction.

However, for those with diabetes, keeping your muscles active and healthy through regular resistance training will improve your management of the condition.

Diabetes Canada recommends resistance activities two to three times a week. Keep reading below to see some great examples of resistance exercises!

Benefits of Resistance Training
  • Uses more muscles than just walking

  • uses upper body muscles that are rarely used in everyday activities

  • maintains or increases lean muscle

  • helps to burn calories

  • important for weight control and diabetes management as we age

Equipment Suggestions

You don't need an expensive gym membership to begin your resistance training activities. Simple items found around the house or inexpensive purchases at a local fitness/sporting goods store are great options to start gaining the benefits of resistance training!

  • Exercise/Resistance bands

  • Your own body weight

  • Light dumbbells or hand weights

  • Other items with weight, such as milk or water jugs filled with water or simply cans of soup will help provide the resistance you need to start!

Resistance Program

The exercise routines below can also be found on the Diabetes Canada website, found here.

These exercises are meant to work a variety of muscles in your body and improve your health while managing your diabetes.

Before beginning any exercise routine, be sure to speak with your physician or medical practioner.


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