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Sit-to-stand Exercise

Performing daily activities as simple as standing up from a chair, the toilet, or getting up from bed can be quite challenging for many seniors as they age. This simple and effective exercise will help to increase mobility and function to perform a variety of daily tasks and improve their quality of life.

Sit-to-Stand exercises also strengthen leg, core, and back muscles and those muscles are needed to increase mobility and independence as well as improve balance. The best part is, you don't need any special equipment (just a sturdy chair) and it can be done anywhere.

Equipment needed

  • A sturdy chair that won’t slide on the floor.

Safety is priority #1!

Assist your elderly loved one for the first few repetitions.

Having a cane or walker within reach may help, but note that this may cause further imbalance when pulling and reaching for it, causing it to tip or fall.

Basic sit to stand exercise

  1. Scoot/walk hips up to the edge of the chair. Or when first seated, do not sit all the way back, but rather towards the front edge.

  2. Bring your feet back your toes are underneath your knees

  3. Take a deep breath. Lean forward a little to bring your upper body over your toes/knees and push up, using the strength in your legs, to a standing position. *Optional: Use arms to push off the chair or off of knees

  4. Pause while standing straight. Take another deep breath and ensure that the chair is touching the back of your legs before sitting.

  5. To sit, bend a little at the knees and lean upper body forward to push hips toward the chair and lower the body to a seated position

  6. Pause before doing the next repetition.

Repetitions can vary depending on the strength, balance, and mobility of the individual. However, with consistent practice, begin to increase your repetitions as you get stronger. There are also several videos you can watch to ensure proper form, as well as options to increase the level of difficulty.

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