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Tips for Seniors: 'Google Home' Commands

Imagine how nice it would be to sit back, relax, and order a device that told you the time, found a recipe, or reminded you to take an umbrella to work tomorrow. If you already own a Google Home device or are considering purchasing one, you will want to take full advantage of its features.

We have outlined some of our favourite commands for you to use as a guide to help you control everything from switches and plugs to kitchen gadgets and lawn care products by using the "Hey, Google!" command to make these smart devices work for you.

Google's Basic Commands

Regarding Google Home voice commands, some individuals may be more concerned with practicality. The following are some of the most basic:

  • To turn the volume up, try saying, "OK, Google (or Hey, Google), turn it up," "OK, Google, make it louder," or "OK, Google, turn it up to 12."

  • To decrease the volume, try saying, "OK, Google, decrease the volume," "OK, Google, turn it down," or "OK, Google, decrease the volume to the minimum."

  • If you want to stop an action, try saying, "OK, Google, stop," "Pause," or "Be quiet."

Productivity with Google Home Commands

You can use Google Home to wake up on time, create a to-do list, and more.

  • To set an alarm, try saying: "OK, Google, set the alarm at 6 AM, "OK, Google, set the alarm in 25 minutes", or "Hey, Google, wake me up at 6 AM every morning."

  • For setting a timer and checking the time, try saying: "OK, Google, set a timer for [time]." Later, you can ask, "OK, Google, how much time is left on my timer?” and this will give you an update.

  • To inquire about the time, try saying, "OK, Google, what time is it in [specific location]?"

  • Maybe you want to convert the currency if you are travelling or buying something. For this, try saying: "OK, Google, what is $15 Canadian dollars in American Dollars?"

  • To check your location, ask "Where am I?" using the voice command "OK, Google." You can also use the same command to translate phrases, such as "How do you say 'where is the bathroom' in French?"

  • You can add an item to your shopping list or check your shopping list, by saying: "OK, Google, add [item] to my shopping list"

  • Search for a recipe by asking: "OK, Google, how do you make mashed potatoes?"

  • If you need to know the answer to "What is 14 divided by two?" or "What is one inch in centimetres?" just ask your question to Google!

  • Order an Uber using Google, try saying: "OK, Google, order an Uber."

  • If you want Google to tune your instrument, you can say, "OK, Google, tune my instrument," or "OK, Google, play an F sharp."

  • To create reminders, you may say: "OK, Google, remember that I filed my passport in the filing cabinet." Then when you need the information, simply ask "OK, Google, where is my passport?"

Google Home Commands: Setting Conversational Commands

You can get quick answers to your web searches with Google Home Commands. Examples include:

  • Ask Google to define [word]: "OK, Google, define [word]."

  • How do you spell [word]? “OK, Google, how do you spell [word]?"

  • “When is Thanksgiving this year, Google?"

  • "OK, Google, how many calories are in [this food]?"

  • "OK, Google, what sounds do animals make?"

  • Sports scores: "OK, Google, when is the [sports team] playing?" or OK Google, who won last night’s hockey game?”

  • “Hey Google, please provide me with a list of the top-rated restaurants in [target location].”

Google Home Commands: How to Have Continued Conversations

With Continued Conversations on Google Assistant, your Assistant can carry out a task as per your command and then wait for additional instructions. With Google Home, you don't have to say "OK, Google" before each question. Make sure Continued is turned on.

Chat with Google Home. An example would be

  • "OK, Google, what's the weather like?"

  • "How about tomorrow?"

  • Please remind me to pack an umbrella for tomorrow's work trip."

Google Home Commands: Broadcasting

Do you have a Google Home speaker in your Home? It works like a house intercom to broadcast messages to all speakers.

  • "OK, Google, broadcast 'wake everyone up.'"

  • "OK, Google, broadcast that ‘dinner is ready.’"

  • "OK, Google, broadcast 'time to leave'."

Learn about Google Home's personality by talking to it.

It can be like having a digital companion with you all the time.

Google Home is programmed with its Google Assistant technology, which has its own personality. You can ask Google Home to play an old song or sing one to you. Play a trivia game with it, or it may even tell you a story. Ask it questions like you would with a real person. It's like having a digital companion that learns your preferences. A friendly voice available 24/7 can provide comfort to a senior living alone.

Make hands-free telephone calls

Stay in touch with family and caregivers to improve communication.

As a conversation tool and safety net, Google Home enables seniors to make free calls anywhere in the United States and Canada. It syncs with the contact list associated with the voice of the person using it, regardless of whether it is "call daughter," "call florist," or "call Ideal Caregivers 4u". The only feature that needs to be added is support for 911 calls. You can still feel at ease if you have immediate contact with others or a caregiver.

The Google Home is available in multiple languages, and considering how much it can do, it is relatively affordable. The device can pick up voice commands from across a room, especially if there is little background noise, so you may want to start with one and see if you require another after that.

In cases where Mom or Dad frequently complain, "I can't use the remote" and "I can't remember your phone number," a smart assistant such as Google Home may be the answer.

Our caregivers can assist your loved one in achieving Happier Aging through the use of Google Home. Find out more about our companionship services by calling (613) 769-1669.


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