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Senior Home Care in Ottawa

Ideal Caregivers 4u provides peace of mind and assurance to families who want their loved ones to receive the highest possible care in Ottawa, Ontario. This is regardless of where they are. We have served the Ottawa community since 1998. Our objective is to offer high-quality care that creates a compassionate and supportive environment for families and caregivers. Our 24/7 support ensures you can always rely on us whenever needed.

Our caregivers are carefully selected and highly experienced. Our employees are certified and insured to provide the highest quality of care. We offer both short-term and long-term care options, and our flexible scheduling ensures that each client can receive personalized care that meets their specific needs. Our team is committed to providing compassionate, personalized care for every client. We strive to ensure that each family member has peace of mind knowing their loved one is receiving the highest possible care.

Senior and nurse

As the founder of Ideal Caregivers 4u, I ensure your loved ones have ongoing one-on-one support for every visit. We provide you have the perfect care provider and a consistent home care team.

We advocate strongly on your loved one's behalf for all their healthcare needs, so you don't have to worry. We have your best interests at heart and will be with you every step of the way.

I look forward to working with you!

Nancy Dahdah ~ President and CEO 

Certified Active Aging Specialist and Yoga Chair Instructor

Meet the Ideal Ottawa team

Regional Office


Mags Dahdah
Mags Dahdah

Meet Mags; she is our dedicated Office Manager. Her passion is helping your elderly loved ones live their best life in the place they call home. Every individual has a right to have joy, peace, and fun as they age. 


She loves to guide families and caregivers in providing the care, dignity, and support our clients require and deserve.

As a former teacher, her skills and role have extended to training new Franchisees joining us in providing elderly care across Canada. This opportunity, along with providing ongoing informational blogs and monthly activity booklets to our growing subscribers, has allowed us to connect to our community.

Meet Lisa; our extraordinary Scheduling Coordinator. Her organizational skills, dedication to providing quality service, and compassionate heart allow her to ensure that your loved one is matched with the best possible care provider in a schedule that meets their needs.

Lisa's entrepreneurial spirit, love of animals, and ability to make meaningful connections are just some ways she contributes to the day-to-day relationships she shares with our team, clients, community groups, and families.

Lisa Hickey

Scheduling Coordinator

Lisa Hickey
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