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Aug. 8: On This Day

The Hundred Days Offensive: Turning the Tide of World War I

As the year 1918 dawned, the world was embroiled in the chaos and devastation of World War I. The conflict had dragged on for four long years, with both sides locked in a deadly stalemate. But in the late summer of 1918, the tide of the war began to turn in favour of the Allies, thanks to a series of offensives collectively known as the Hundred Days Offensive.

The Battle of Amiens: A Decisive Turning Point

One of the most significant events of the Hundred Days Offensive was the Battle of Amiens. It took place from August 8th to August 12th, 1918, and marked the beginning of the final push by the Allies to end the war. In this battle, the Allies launched a massive attack on the German lines, with an unprecedented force of 500 tanks and 10 divisions.

Unleashing the Power of Tanks

Tanks, a relatively new weapon of war at the time, played a crucial role in the Battle of Amiens. The sheer number of tanks deployed by the Allies surprised and overwhelmed the German forces. These armoured machines gave the Allies a significant advantage, as they could traverse rugged terrains and break through enemy lines, effectively neutralizing the previously impenetrable German defences.

Allied Unity and Coordination

Another critical factor that contributed to the success of the Battle of Amiens was the unity and coordination among the Allied forces. The attack was meticulously planned and executed, with British, Canadian, and Australian troops working together seamlessly. This collaboration ensured the offensive was carried out with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

The Impact of the Battle of Amiens

The Battle of Amiens was a resounding success for the Allies. They achieved a significant breakthrough, advancing over seven miles into enemy territory and capturing thousands of German soldiers. The battle inflicted heavy casualties on the German forces and shattered their morale and confidence.

The Beginning of the Hundred Days Offensive

The Battle of Amiens served as a catalyst for the Hundred Days Offensive. Following their victory, the Allies continued their relentless push against the German lines, launching a series of offensives throughout the late summer and fall of 1918. These offensives gradually weakened the German army, leading to its eventual collapse and the end of World War I.

The Battle of Amiens was pivotal in World War I and marked the beginning of the Hundred Days Offensive. By effectively using tanks and coordinated efforts, the Allies could break through German defences and turn the tide of the war in their favour. The Hundred Days Offensive ultimately led to the end of the war, ending the devastation and suffering that had plagued the world for four long years.


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