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Paint with Leaves!

Last week, we wrote a blog on an activity for enjoying the great outdoors by picking colourful autumn leaves to sort and classify as a way to activate recall and memory. Today, you can use those same leaves to paint!

Now, the Autumn season officially begins tomorrow, but we have seen a number of tree leaves begin to turn already! So if you haven't done so, go out a pick a few of those colourful leaves, some basic paint supplies and begin!

What you need

  • Variety of leaves (fern leaves are good, and other leaves with a pattern or "veining") Choose those that are flat and small to medium in size

  • Craft paint (tempera, acrylic, etc)

  • Paint brushes, small

  • Cup of water

  • Paper towels or newspaper for cleanup

What to do

  1. Place pots of coloured paint on the table and give everyone a sheet of paper, then ask them to choose a leaf.

  2. Each person chooses a colour then paints their leaf with that colour using a small paintbrush.

  3. Then turn their painted leaf over onto their sheet of paper pressing the painted side down. Slowly peel the leaf off the paper and it will leave its beautiful painted print.

  4. Choose other leaves and other colours and repeat to create a beautiful design of their choice!

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