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Tips for Celebrating Canada Day with Seniors

Canada Day festivities are approaching! It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the unofficial start of the summer vacation season!

Gathering with family and friends is an important part of maintaining your overall mental and physical health, particularly with your senior loved ones. Whether it's a summer BBQ at a family member's home, a road trip to your favourite destination or visiting a local event celebrating Canada's 155th birthday, there are some tips to consider when planning your time together.

Tips to Consider

  1. Include your senior loved ones in planning the event

  2. Be sensitive to your loved one's needs as this can be a stressful time

  3. Stick to a specific schedule to honour their routines - including meals, medication, and sleep.

  4. Skip the noisemakers and fireworks as they can startle and cause fear or uncertainty in older adults.

  5. Have brunch instead for a more relaxing and time-sensitive gathering and opt out of the late evening festivities.

  6. Have a sing-a-long with their favourite musicians and songs from the past.

  7. Bring along comforting objects to create a sense of familiarity and to ease any anxiety. This may also include games, word puzzles or colouring books that they enjoy. Consider subscribing to our free monthly Senior Activity Booklet for ideas, here!

  8. For loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer's, plan for any unexpected or sudden discomfort at leaving their familiar home or community or when gathering with larger groups that may cause anxiety. This may include having to change your plans or venue and reassuring or redirecting their thoughts and actions to more positive and calming activities.


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