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Bird Craft

Sometimes the simplest activities are most effective in providing creative and social activities for your elderly loved one.

Try this Bird on a Branch colouring page or craft option!

What you need:

Option #1

Bird on a Branch colouring page

Pencil crayons, watercolours, or paint

Embellishments such as faux feathers, sequence, beads, etc.

Craft glue *optional

Option #2

Bird on a Branch Template


Craft paper of various colours

Craft glue


Option #1 is a simple colouring page that can also be used to paint on depending on the style of paper you use to print it on. If using paint, let dry fully before framing or displaying. You may wish to add other details such as faux feathers, sequins or painted/drawn raindrops or snowflakes (it is Spring, you never know what kind of weather you will get!)

Option #2 uses a template and a base page. The base page contains the tree branch and flower buds. These can be coloured or painted in. The second page is a bird template. You may wish to assist by cutting the shapes out ahead of time using different coloured craft paper and gluing them down on the base page.

Colouring Page

Craft Page & Template

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