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Create a Rainbow!

During times like this, when the weather is rainy and gloomy, and the world seems a bit out of reach at the moment, why not bring in some colour and light into your loved one's day?! Create your own rainbow!

Seniors seem to gravitate towards painting and the arts. It's therapeutic, calming, and can provide an opportunity to be social. This art form is easy, inexpensive, and can really bring out their creative side.

April 3rd is National Find a Rainbow Day, so we thought it would be fun for our seniors to create rainbows that we can put on display throughout the nursing home. Then on April 3rd, during our strolls and walks throughout the residence, they can try to spot the rainbow!

What you'll need are some simple art supplies: white craft paper (or regular printer paper), paint brushes (or cotton swabs), a cup of water to rinse brushes, some paper towel for quick clean-up, white glue, gold/silver glitter, and of course paints in the 7 colours of the rainbow!

What are the seven colours? Great question to ask your loved one as well! Let's remember the acronym ROY G. BIV: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Of course, if you can't find all colours, just select the ones that would stand out in your creation.

Now, don't think that you just need to use paint for this activity! There are a number of options, such as pencil crayons, wax crayons, chalk, oil/chalk pastels, yarn, and even play-dough or clay! The best thing you can do for seniors in care is to provide them with choices that they enjoy working with. if they only enjoy using crayons, then choose that!

For this activity, make sure that you and your loved one, or those in your care, are seated comfortably at a table or other surface. Provide all materials within easy reach and begin by creating a long wide arch using the first colour (Red). This should be placed closer to the top of the page. Next, continue with each of the other colours below the first arch, until you've created a rainbow design!

To top off the rainbow, using the white glue and glitter (or sequins or even markers, crayons, paint or cotton balls!), create clouds at each end of the rainbow. Use their imagination and creativity by adding more items such as the Sun, raindrops, etc. There is no right way, just go with the flow.

Once complete, let dry, and then display within the home so that they can see and enjoy their creation each day. If this activity is done as a group, make sure to display in public spaces and have the residents move through the hallways an spaces to find rainbows on April 3rd!

"Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray." - Lord Byron

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