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Fun Facts: Mail

February 4th is ##ThankAMailCarrierDay! A day when we honour those who tirelessly deliver our letters, parcels, and other mail from across the country and around the world!

Now, for some of you, mail delivery means a notification on your email inbox, but for many of us, receiving a letter, postcard or parcel to your door was an absolute delight! It was one of the only forms of communication generations had to connect with one another before the invention of telephones and later on, the internet.

From instant text messages to emails to social media posts it’s faster than ever to let others know you are thinking about them, but there is still something special about getting a message from loved ones and friends in the mail. During the past year or so with the pandemic, mail carriers around the world were especially essential in providing us with the necessary items we needed! So share these fun facts about the mail system and thank a mail Carrier today!

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