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Mason Jar Night Light

In the crafting world, mason jars are super versatile! They are no longer just used for jams and preserves, but instead have been seen online as a staple in crafting and home decor! From mounted flower vases, terrariums, snowglobes, and candle holders, mason jars have set the stage for creativity.

In today’s activity blog, we are making mason jar night lights! A perfect addition to rooms for all ages. It can be as simple as placing a string of lights into a jar or as whimsical as this Snowman night light using battery-operated tea lights!

Snowman Night Light


  • 1 mason jar or several if you plan on making a snow family

  • Tissue paper (white, black and orange)

  • 2 gem decals or googly eyes

  • Small buttons or other embellishments

  • White glue with a little water added

  • Scissors

  • Paint brush

  • Newspaper for clean up

  • Paper plate for mixing glue

  • Battery-operated tea light candles


  1. Lay newspaper out on a table for easy clean up should spills occur.

  2. Clean and dry mason jar(s) inside and out.

  3. Cut or tear tissue paper in small squares which you will use for the snowman’s body. If using orange and black tissue paper, simply cut them out for shaping the nose, eyes and buttons of your snowman.

  4. Pour some white glue onto your plate and mix with a small amount of water to thin the glue. Mix well.

  5. With a paintbrush, brush some glue onto the jar. Lay down a square of tissue paper onto the spot with glue. Cover the piece of tissue paper with more glue. Overlap squares and continue until the whole jar is covered. Allow to dry overnight.

  6. Glue on the mouth, nose, buttons and eyes and allow to dry.

  7. Place a battery-operated tea light candle in the bottom of the jar and display to enjoy throughout the evening!

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