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Mother's Day Bouquet

On May 9th, we celebrate Mother's Day! What better way to honour the mother's in our lives than by making a bouquet of flowers with them or for them.

Participating in crafts and activities is a great way for seniors to reminisce, socialize, and maintain fine motor functioning in their hands. Some activities may be too challenging or require more focus, eye-hand coordination, or detail work, so offering a variety of activities at different levels of difficulty can allow everyone to participate.

Paper Flower Bouquet

**This activity can also be to create a wrist corsage or a bouquet you can place in a vase or jar!


  • Green craft paper

  • Variety of colourful craft paper, like red, yellow, pink. purple or their choice

  • Craft glue

  • Scissors

  • Pencil for drawing flower outline


  1. Using a sheet of green craft paper, cut strips about 1-inch thick along the longest edge of the paper.

  2. Using your base colour of choice for your flower, draw a number of simple flower shapes and cut them out. **You may wish to have these pre-made for ease of assembly and to avoid any injury with scissors.

  3. Using a secondary colour for the inside of the flower, draw quarter-sized circles and cut.

  4. Using craft glue, dab some glue on the circle and press it in the middle of the flower shape. Let dry and repeat for as many flowers as you made.

  5. Place the green stem flat on the table and dab glue in the middle. Press the flower down and let dry to make sure the flower stays in place.

  6. Once dry, attach the ends of the green stem of one flower together. You may use glue or tape to hold the ends together. This will create a circular shape that can be used now to wear as a wrist corsage/bracelet.

  7. If making a bouquet to hold in a jar or vase, gently "fold" the stem near the middle (make sure not to bend the flower!) and place it inside the jar. Add more flowers and stems to create a bouquet and set it on a table to brighten up your space.

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