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Rock Painting Activity

Painting is one of the many activities older adults enjoy. Luckily it is also one of the easiest to plan, prep, and provide to seniors in our care.

Inexpensive acrylic or tempera paints, paintbrushes, and even canvases can be found at most dollar stores and can be used more than once to create a variety of beautiful designs.

One design craft idea older adults enjoy is painting rocks. You can easily find a variety of rock shapes, sizes and textures in your garden, nearby waterfront, or even at craft supply or dollar stores. They are sturdy, easy to handle, and fun to design!

There are many ideas of painted rock designs online to inspire you; from garden markers (painting the names of flowers or vegetables you are growing in your garden), ladybugs, and even dominoes! All you need are a few simple tools to get you started.

  • Acrylic paints in a variety of colours

  • Paintbrushes, a variety of sizes can be used depending on the size of the rock you are painting.

  • Cup or bowl of water, for rinsing your brushes (paper towels may also be handy for clean-up!)

  • Rocks, of course!

  • Paint palette or paper plate

Begin by setting up your materials in a comfortable location, such as a desk or dining room table, that is easily accessible and comfortable for your loved one to sit at and reach. Display pictures to inspire them, or simply let their imaginations fly!

The beauty of this activity is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. If they prefer to paint the rock a solid colour - wonderful! If they want to paint a happy face, words, or an intricate mandala design - the choice is theirs! Providing opportunities for seniors to achieve and feel a level of independence is what's most important...and have a little fun too!


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