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Spring into Health & Wellness

On March 20th, we usher in a new season - Spring! With this season comes warmer temperatures, blossoming trees and flowers, and renewed energy and hope for the year.

What better time for all of us to consider a Spring tune-up, if you will, to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. Try these tips to a healthier you this season.

Spring Check-up

The dullness of winter is almost behind us, so check-in with yourself and your doctor to see how your health and wellness fares for the upcoming season. What may need a few tweaks and what new concerns need attending to? Check on your blood pressure, seasonal allergies, weight, cholesterol levels, and glucose monitoring or any other relevant tests needed to set yourself up for a positive and active year.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Many of us stay indoors in the wintertime due to weather and safety concerns in getting around in slippery or snowy conditions - not to mention the restrictions placed on us during the pandemic! However, with spring in the air, getting outdoors to breathe in the freshness of the season can do wonders for your health - both physically and mentally. Take a walk in your neighbourhood or drive out to a park you have yet to discover. Dress warmly and wear proper shoes or boots so you are ready for any conditions - as mud and puddles begin to appear. Make it a social event by inviting a friend or family member along.

Eat Fresh and Local

In the spring, local farmers begin planting their wares for the upcoming summer harvest, however, there is plenty of fresh, local produce available in the springtime. Delicious asparagus, fiddleheads, radishes, spinach and later peas, beans, cauliflower and broccoli appear ripe for the picking! Add these wonderful options to any of your existing meals or try your hand at a new recipe!

Grow a Garden

Perhaps you may want to try your hand at gardening this year! Planting flowers, bushes, vegetables or fruits can be a great addition to your daily lifestyle. It not only provides you with fresh produce and colourful flower arrangements, but it's also a great way to be active. Ensuring safety when lifting, bending or walking about the garden, as small injuries may ruin an otherwise enjoyable season. gardening is also known for other therapeutic measures - such as meditation, fresh air, stress and anxiety relief, as well as joining with others to plant or sow your crops!

Water for life

We all know the importance of a daily intake of at least 8-glasses of water, so ensure that you are taking in and choosing the right kind of liquids during the day (water, herbal teas and vegetable juices over coffee and sugary fruit drinks). Dehydration can adversely affect memory and concentration and increase fatigue; it can also lead to serious complications such as the increased risk of falls. So plan ahead if going outdoors by filling up a reusable water bottle.

Whatever activity you choose, enjoy the Spring and always check in with your doctor before beginning any new fitness or diet.

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