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Unregulated Care Providers

We at Ideal Caregivers 4u are proud to announce that we now have trained and qualified Unregulated Care Providers in our team roster!

As many in Ontario know, the health care needs of individuals living in our communities are increasing. According to a study funded by the Government of Ontario, to meet the rising need, unregulated care providers are providing more complex patient care.

What are Unregulated Care Providers (UCP)?

Unregulated care providers (UCPs) refer to a group of healthcare providers who are not regulated under the Regulated Health Professions Act. These individuals are not accountable to an external professional body, such as traditional healthcare providers (i.e. nurses, doctors, etc.). This can include family members, Physician Assistants, and personal care providers for private residents in their homes as well as in a wide variety of retirement or long-term care facilities.

Duties & Working with UCPs

In certain circumstances, Nurses are expected to teach, assign duties, and supervise on-the-job duties performed by UCPs. This means UCPs are to be in regular contact with qualified nurses in order to ensure the safety of their clients.

A nurse who teaches, assigns duties to, or supervises UCPs must:

  • Know the UCP is competent to perform the particular procedure or activity safely for the client in the given circumstances.

  • When teaching a UCP, a nurse is expected to have first-hand knowledge of the UCP’s competence.

  • A nurse who assigns or supervises is expected to verify that the UCP’s competence has been determined.

The duties assigned to an Unregulated Care Provider may cover a wide range of services depending on the needs of the patient or client. Three factors to consider when deciding on activities performed by UCPs are client assessment, benefits and risk assessment, and environmental support. Duties may include the following:

  • Providing personal hygiene and support services including assisting with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), such as bathing, toileting and dressing.

  • Assisting with exercise routines

  • Administering medications and collecting specimens, under supervision and instruction

  • Taking regular vital signs

  • Assisting with functional / body mechanics (i.e. lifting, turning, etc.)

How We Can Help

If you or your medical/health care practitioner has expressed that specific care within a private home or another facility requires an Unregulated Care Provider and/or Personal Support Worker, contact us today!


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