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Virtual Tours

As the colder months begin, we may find ourselves and our elderly loved ones spending more time indoors. Thankfully, technology has increased our ability to still remain connected to the world outside and offers opportunities to visit new and familiar places using virtual tours!

So let's bring the world to your doorstep, so to speak. A number of museums, art galleries, and even aquariums around the world are connecting virtually to experience nature, history, and beauty. We have assembled a few of our favourites for you and your loved ones to connect to, no matter their age or ability! This will not only expand the world for you while in the comfort of our own homes but also entertain and teach us something along the way

Canadian Museum of History

For the history buffs in your family, or for those who wish to learn more about our rich history and culture, the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa has created a virtual tour through their History Hall.

This tour includes visual and written displays in each of the Canadian Galleries from Early to Modern Canada. Click here to experience history.

Bytown Museum

If you are looking for a more specific museum tour on the history of Canada's capital city, Ottawa, check out the Bytown Museum virtual tour. This interactive tour takes you through rooms and sections of your choosing and reading up on the faces, names, and stories of our past.

The Louvre

Art lovers and history lovers unite at the world's largest museum, The Louvre in France. This virtual tour takes you into some of the famous galleries to discover world-renowned artists and even Egyptian antiquities. Check out the free virtual tour here.

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Opened in 1908, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has provided a gateway for the visual arts in Atlantic Canada. The gallery has opened its virtual doors for us to explore the artistic beauty and creativity of our indigenous culture and heritage and showcases one of Atlantic Canada's most famous artists, Maud Lewis...including the tiny home she lived in (which was turned over to the gallery in 1984) where she created her colourful expressions of rural life in Nova Scotia.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

If it's exotic fish, penguins, or sharks you seek, check out the live web cameras set up in the aquarium's most popular exhibits! The live online footage will not only capture moments in nature but capture your heart as well. For the full list of available videos, click here.

Shedd Aquarium

If you ever wondered what it would be like for a penguin to meet a Beluga whale, well check out Shedd Aquariums Facebook page!

You'll get to watch the adorable antics of Wellington the Penguin as he walks around the empty halls of the aquarium visiting with his larger (and sometimes smaller) than life friends! The videos are posted on their page and captured by the remaining staff and animal caretakers.

So whether you are in the mood for history, music, theatre, art or nature, the online world is at your fingertips! For more ideas and options, a simple search online for your favourite topic or attraction can lead you on the path to entertainment and learning.


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