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Winter Polar Bear Craft

As we prepare for the colder snowy weather this winter, cozy up with this cute winter polar bear craft!

Please note** This activity has a number of pieces that should be prepared ahead of time especially if your elderly loved one or clients have difficulty with fine-motor skills or eye-hand coordination when using scissors and drawing.


  • White craft paper

  • Scissors

  • Markers or Coloured Pencils

  • Craft glue

  • Blue craft paper (for background)


1. Using the white craft paper and a pencil, draw 3 circles of different sizes for the body and face of the polar bear and 6 small circles for the ears, arms, and feet (see image below). Cut and set aside.

You may also trace objects, such as bottle lids/caps, to create “perfect” circles!

2. Arrange the body parts using the photo below as a guide and carefully glue each piece to secure them. At this time you may wish to glue the polar bear to the blue craft paper background.

3. Once the pieces have been secured with glue and your polar bear is mounted to the background paper, begin to decorate! Using a black marker or coloured pencil, colour in the bear’s feet, face, and ears and bring your character to life!

Be Creative! If you don’t want to use a black marker, try a different colour of your choice.

4. Now it’s time to design the background. Using markers or coloured pencils, decorate the background with snowflakes or use more craft paper to add different features!

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